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An investigation to understand the impact of jingle on brand recognition on Thailand TV commercial

I want to divide the pages into what I have written below
– 1 page (275 words) in Abstract
– 2 pages in Introduction that talk about research question and about the topic and other things that normally you write in introduction
– 3 pages in Literature review. that I would like 2 or 3 more of related research paper and about the gap in literature. Also I would like you to write about consumer behavior and then narrow down to buying behavior that can be related to the impact of auditory identity or the impact of hearing jingle repetitively
– 2 pages of Methodology. There are some parts that I use the same book so much is it possible for you to find other sources for me and rewrite about it ? Also there is some part that I would like you to help me to explain more in detail such as how survey is made (the process) and to justify why I choose 150 ppl due to the time consuming that I cannot talk all participants in Y-gen in my country and lack of time in doing dissertation
– Lastly 2 pages in Discussion. I would like you to write more about the interview and the result of the data that I gathered in result part and related back to the topic. Or something like based on the result showing that people were able to recognize the brand , it is also mean that this advertising is a very sucessful one something like this

ps If you think that I need more pages or you want to ask me about the work please let me know.

thank you

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