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    Influences on male consumer behavior

    Another viewpoint related to male shopping behavior is associated with the time spent inside the retail stores or while purchasing the products. According to Teije (2015), the males do not like to spend more time in making their purchase decision. Usually they get bored after 26 minutes of shopping. This can also be correlated with the convenience factor. Since the males want to quickly make their purchases, they are more likely to visit the stores that are located near to them rather than travelling an extra mile for making the purchase decisions (Lee, Ibrahim & Hsueh-Shan, 2005). According to a study by Wharton School (2007), the males do not consider shopping as a social or a leisure activity. They mostly treat it as a buying hunt and focus on purchasing what they like in the first impression rather than browsing more items and comparing it with the one that is shortlisted. This study has also mentioned that the males face a cognitive dissonance (post purchase dissatisfaction) if the sales official do not provide them with adequate knowledge of the product or does not assist them in recommending the right product specifically in the fashion products category such as the apparels, footwear, jewels etc. (Hansen & Jensen, 2008). In references to the store design, the males always want to enter a retail store that is not very cluttered that may provide them with the comfort during their purchase decision. Therefore, as per the shopping behavior of the males in reference to the retail store environment, a retail store might be completely ignored ……………………….
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