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Individual Management Analysis Memo

Here’s the paper topic. It’s to be a total of 8 pages (5 pages of content, not counting the aesthetically pleasing cover page as shown in the attached PowerPoint, a table of contents, and an executive summary) :

In a memo to management at Redfin acting as a consultant, propose a course of action to management at Redfin regarding how to go about increasing their market share and foster sustainable growth in a market dominated by the conglomerate, Realogy.

Please review the deliverables I attach and get back to me as soon as possible. Please make sure the writter who works on this memo will have a background in finance (specifically, knowledge of US real estate) and/or consulting, and English must be their native language.

Please work off the current paper I provide in the deliverables I attach. It still needs items to be added and taken away based on the rubric I attached below and my professor’s notes. This paper needs to be completed by Friday, February 16th.

VERY IMPORTANT: For the sources used to acquire the information, please make sure they are academic sources. The number of sources doesn’t matter. NO WIKIPEDIA.

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