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    Indigenous Australian Cultures

    The presentations done in the three sections pertain to three areas that are central to the culture of indigenous Australians. The information contained in the sections is a guide for the work of the professionals that will be working with the group in the future.

    The Dreaming

    The dreaming, also known as the Dreamtime, refers to the psychic condition that allows the person contact with ancestral beings (spirits) and the process that brings things into being (Kerwin, 2012, p. 115). According to the Aboriginal Australians, the psychic condition is not tied to time as it is not necessarily a time past or current time in any way. According to the aboriginal Australians, Dreamtime is an experience that stays with them and not past or gone from them. The topic of dreaming is particularly important to aboriginal Australians, as they believe that it is the environment that surrounded them in the past, and an experience that still exists to the current day, all around the people. The process and state of dreaming are especially useful to the people, as the process that transitions the experiences and things that are dreamt of in the real world (Kerwin, 2012, p. 45).
    The Kija people that reside along the Eastern side of Kimberley use the word Ngarrankarni about the experience of dreaming. The language group called the Ngirinyin use the term Ungud to refer to the concept of dreaming. In Martu Wangka, which is a language used in the Pilbara region to make reference to the experience of dreaming. The use of different terms and names by the various groups reveals that some of the aborigines connote the concept of dreaming to sacred processes. In contrast, other grou……………………………

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