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    In the documentation Process of Construction Cont

    In the documentation Process of Construction Contract it is important to draft identifyingthe Particular Details Such as Specifications, Project approvals, Site Data, Details ofConstruction Sequence etc.Unique Power (Pvt) Ltd Intend to award a contract which require Turbines, Generators,Contaminated Building, Condenser, Transformer, pump, Cooling Tower and ProjectLocation is Anrdhapuraya, Basawakkulama. Contract Drafter is require to advice theprocedure to follow in this construction Plant without having adverse effects to general Implied Terms, express terms and unnecessary obstructions which will lead to the disputes.Therefore, various authority approvals such as Irrigation Department, CentralEnvironmental Authority, Electricity Board, Water Board, archeological department shouldbe include in a separate section and the specific details should include and prioritizedcontract documents in respect of construction sequence.Develop a report explaining the standard commercial management Practice and Projectadministration Procedure for the above Power Plant Project.

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