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    Impacts of solid wastes on Health and Environment

    The increase in solid waste is a shared phenomenon in affluent societies. While every effort aims at preserving the environment for future generations, solid waste proliferation presents a greater challenge to the safety of the environment.  The health concerns generated by the effects of the solid wastes include but not limited to potential harmful effects of industrial wastes, adverse impact on quality life, and health-related concerns resulting from exposures to chemicals (Tanaka, 2013).

    Strategies such as avoiding the use of primary materials in processing, replacing fossil energy, recycling, and reclaiming landfills get focused in minimizing exposures to impacts associated with such effects. Ranging from environmental degradation to pollution, solid wastes compromise on quality health. The international obligation of addressing climate change and disaster mitigation proves to be working in enhancing the improved environment and health safety.

    The Design Management of Solid Waste.

    A lot of designs are geared towards the management of solid waste to ensure their safety and sustainability. Different approaches practiced include recycling for reuse, incineration and use of landfills among others.  According to Jeni Braxton, the environmental strain can be lessened by minimized use of new products unless the existing ones get fully and maximally utilized. Continuous recycling fully utilizes old plastics, metal scrap, and polyethylene bags into new ones.

    Landfill broadly used in waste management involves layering of the waste into abandoned quarries and mining fields……………

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