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    Illegal and Legal Drugs in America

    Illegal drug use in America has over the years elicited stern responses from the federal, state, and local governments. The civil societies and social communities have also shown varied views concerning the use of illegal drugs and their harmful effects. Undoubtedly, the authorities and the societies have over a long time oppose the use of illegal drugs based on the premise of the harmful Impacts. The reaction has involved the formulation of stringent laws, criminalization of the drugs, and jailing of the offenders amongst others. Also, more emphasis is on the harmful effects of using illegal drugs such as accidents, crimes, illness, delinquency, and domestic violence amongst others. However, the Americans have not fully evaluated and stated the harms caused by legal drugs such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol that are also associated with many harmful effects. Therefore, the paper agrees with the argument that Americans have overreacted and overemphasized the harmful effects of using illegal drugs while ignoring the negative impacts of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine that are legal.
    How Americans Overreact to the Harm Resulting from Using Illegal Drugs
    Undeniably, America has faced serious drug challenges, but it is worth debating about the best methods of resolving the issue. Overreaction to illegal drug use could be dangerous and ineffective. American governments have overreacted to illegal drug use for example through using military forces instead of the police when pursuing smugglers. Again the authorities encourage police aggressiveness and expand the courts’ powers to accept any evidence even if seized illegally. The police at th………………….

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