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    1) What laws do you believe are the most helpful for businesses and which are the most hurtful to your business?

    FYI: this is the business scenario I have chosen :
    SCENARIO 2: You own a new and used car dealership specializing in environmental friendly vehicle choices. You generally sell new Teslas but also sell used hybrid vehicles of all manufacturers. You have 50 employees, 10 of which are full-time and 10 of which are independent contractors. The remaining employees work less than 30 hours per week. You run the business out of a building that you own. You advertise online and in the newspaper. You have your own website that lists your inventory and prices that is updated daily.

    FYI: those are the type of law we review so far common law, statutory, and administrative law

    2) Pick at least two separate laws found in your textbook and discuss how each could have an impact on your business.

    3) – watch the following video:
    and read the following online article:
    Create a visual presentation of how a bill becomes a law based on these two resources using one of the following methods: (i) a video; (ii) a diagram; (iii) a drawing; (iv) a cartoon.
    Creativity is rewarded! I want a DIAGRAM
    if You have any question please contact me.

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