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    HRM 554 Week 3 Individual Assignment Health and Safety Practices Plan (Part Three), Occupational Safety

    This archive file of HRM 554 Week 3 Individual Assignment Health and Safety Practices Plan (Part Three), Occupational Safety includes:

    This is the third part of your Health and Safety Practices Plan. This section may vary in length, but not scope; be sure to address each part, while not exceeding the 25-page maximum for the project.

    Use research, articles, and your text to complete your paper.

    Identify two injury or illness on-the-job issues related to your chosen company.

    Evaluate, through research, the issues and the possible effects of those issues regarding the following:



    Management Format

    Discuss the financial implications of the chosen organization.

    Include a discussion on employee and employer responsibility.

    Identify two occupational safety assessment techniques that may help you evaluate the occupational-related illness.

    Create an occupational safety and illness prevention strategy for the identification of on-the-job illnesses and safety. You may use components of existing plans from your research; however, your plan must be customized and specific to your selected business.

    Provide any supplemental materials and guidelines that might be used as part of the plan.

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include at least 3 APA references.

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