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    HIV Law in Massachusetts

    In 2012, the state of Massachusetts altered its law related to HIV testing to require verbal consent before a patient is made to undergo the testing procedure, as opposed to the previous tradition of requiring a written consent. Contradictory views were made by the general public and opinion shapers in the medical profession; one part citing medical-related issues while the other part presenting ethically based concerns. Whether this particular law did well, with focus on the ethical reasons why the currently required consent ought to be or not to be presented in verbal or written form, form the epitome of this exploration.

    Policy actors and notable players in health-related matters converge in their opinions that changing the law from written to verbal was the best-made decisions and that its adoption by the state was a matter worth applaud and of accolade. The main reason that was given, and of which a large section of the population tend to agree is that written consent cannot be fully effective if the ultimate aim of HIV-AIDS eradication is to be attainable (Westrick and Katherine 137) Written consent was and can continue to be a barrier to routine checking and screening due to fear of stigmatization.

    Ethical concerns equally agree with the mainstream line of thought. An individual’s health information ought to remain private and not in the public domain, especially if the health matter in question is life threatening or likely to attract stigmatization from members of the general public as in the case of HIV-AIDS. Mor………………………………

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