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High end clothing show or presentation during NY Fashion Week 2018

Assignment 1
Chose one high end clothing show or presentation during NY Fashion Week 2018 to follow, research and report on the media’s coverage. Choose a traditional medium (e.g. print newspaper, weekly magazine) and compare and contrast the traditional mediums’ coverage of the show to a digital mediums’ coverage of the show. You may NOT use FB, Insta, Pinterest or Twitter as one of the digital medium choices. How do the two mediums compare and or contrast in their coverage? Who is the target audience for each? Which reporting are you most interested in and why? (i will leave a photo of the article from newspaper here)

no references for this assignments
300 words

Assignment 2

Is it appropriate to send women to conduct business with foreign customers in cultures where women are typically not in managerial positions? Why? Why not?

Pick a country, other than the US and suggest ways in which a person might prepare themselves to handle unique business customs that may be encountered on a trip to this country

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