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    healthcare management D 8 questions

    1-      What major trends affecting health care delivery will be important in the next 10 years, including the most significant aspects that will change?  What are the most significant positive impacts of health care reform? What are likely to be the most serious problems?

    2-       Was the ACA a good idea, or not?  Can it be improved upon, and if so, how?  How is the implementation of the ACA better than single-payer, and if not, why not?  If single payer, similar to other OECD countries would be better, how could we get our country to go there, given the disagreements and reluctance to go as far as we have?  Why so many people are opposed to health care for everyone–what is possibly gained by the denial of health care to some? What should we do next?  Does it make sense to deny people medical care? Should health care even be a profit-based or profit-driven business?  

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