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The golden age of piracy in colonial Latin America

Research Paper Guidelines

Research papers are very common assignments for student’s at all collegiate levels. Having good reading and writing skills is key for everyone going into any profession – and any academic program. The Research Paper will cover the topic {see Syllabus} of Biography {no two students may have the same person for a topic per-class}. The Research Paper should include a title page that includes name, date submitted, and an informative title along with being 18-21 pages in length and correct in all grammatical elements.

The research paper’s body is as follows: Introduction and Thesis paragraphs, Discussion Body of the paper, Results and Conclusion paragraphs and Research. In the Introduction and Thesis paragraphs {25 pts.} establish the topic, state the thesis and provide context. In the Discussion Body of the paper {50 pts.} section develop the thesis by examining the historical impact and proceed to explain the thesis by summarizing the findings of research which must be proven by providing evidence. In the Results and Conclusion paragraphs {25 pts.} section simply report the conclusion in a straightforward fashion. For the bibliography section the quality {along with correct citations format} of Research {75 pts.} is exceptionally important thus the most distinguished sources should be used. Also Grammar and Discretionary Aspects {25 pts.}

In writing first create an outline on which to base a rough draft which acts as a guide for writing future, closer-to-final iterations. Revising a paper makes for a major undertaking which can involve wholesale changes to previous drafts. Revision differs from editing and proofreading – both necessary components of writing a research paper. When editing, focus on the general appearance of the text. At this stage, render the paper consistent and free of typos throughout. Always have others to proofread before submitance. You must always document the sources from which information is obtained do this using the Chicago Style. See The Purdue Owl for more detail and for the Chicago Manuel of Style Using valid, legitimate sources can make a research paper very powerful. Writers cannot simply state thoughts not supporting them with thoughtful research points. Sources should come from a variety of sources: books, periodicals, research journals, newspapers, published academic papers, and reference sources. Using primary over secondary sources is preferred; primary sources involve getting as close to an original source as possible. A minimum of twelve sources for this length of paper is appropriate with a minimum of two primary sources. The Research Paper should be written using Times New Roman 12.5 font with double-spacing {before 0, after 0} in full justification {numbering should begin with second page} with paragraphs indented three spaces {no illustrations in the text body} without headers or footers and submitted as a WORD document {non-protected view}.

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