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    Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and include the following:

    • One slide (Introduction) on your topic and question
      • Which topic/question did you choose?
      • Why does it interest you?
      • Where did you find the data?
    • One slide for each graphic (minimum of 3 graphics)
      • These should be clear, neat, organized, and labeled
      • Explain how you created these and show your answers to the previous weeks questions in the notes section of your slide
      • What did you conclude in each week?
    • One slide for a conclusion
      • Restate your topic and question, and give your answer to the question.
      • Show which model you chose that best fits your data and explain why.
      • Make a prediction about a future value based on your model and equation

    Save your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.

    Add commentary in the notes sections, not in the slide itself. The notes should be 30-45 words per slide. The commentary should be everything you would say if you were giving the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in person. Your presentation will be graded using the Signature Assignment Rubric.

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