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    Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS)

    Wallace, Sperber, and Mortimore (2011) explained that FSMS incorporates the practices and procedures that can effectively support the application of safety in designing products and processes. Accordingly, the authors added that FSMS demands effective prerequisite programmes and HACCP principles so as to enhance consumer protections. Consumer protections call for a systematic approach to management; for example, (Froggatt Davies & Meyer 2009, p. 26) revealed that UK National Service Framework (NSF), a subset of FSMS, was established to ensure adherence to recommended standards when giving the social and health cares. Undoubtedly, FSMS implementation is imperative for all the UK care homes and business enterprises that deal with food processing, handling, or distribution so as to reap the benefits. According to one of the scholastic reports, HACCP and ISO 22000 when adopted by enterprises, manifold benefits accrue such as improved quality and safety of the products (Lesley 2013, p. 126). Other advantages entail good reputational developments and increased skills of the employees. In a nutshell, for the care home elderly to receive quality and safe care provisions, the caregivers must be skilled and competent so as to enable provisions of recommended standards.

    As hinted, the realization of FSMS requires implementation of the HACCP systems. Notably, the HACCP was developed in the 1960s so as to facilitate a systematic mechanism for identifying, evaluating, and controlling hazards that relate to food operations (Panisello & Quantick 2001, p. 165). Food Safety Authority of Ireland (2001, p. 6) pointed out that since 1998, legislation requires food businesses to implement FSMS based on the HACCP principles so as to foster training and supervision of food handlers. The document supplemented that HACCP is recog…….

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