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    The flip side of celebrity endorsements

    Every coin has two sides and hence celebrity endorsements may also have negative impact on the branding of an organization in the following manner. Firstly, if a celebrity can make a brand then the same celebrity may break it as well (Azad, 2011). This implies that if a celebrity is associated with the brand then the consumers might recognize the organization with the help of the celebrity. However, if the celebrity enters into any kind of controversy then it may spread a negative word of mouth for the brand. Secondly, the celebrities are freelancers and hence they might endorse any brand. This may further create hassles for an organization in reference to its brand image (Aaker, 2000). For instance, in the 1990’s, Coca Cola hired Mr Sachin Tendulkar (the world renowned cricketer from India) to endorse its brand. However, after the contract with Coca Cola terminated, the cricketer started endorsing Pepsi (a direct competing brand of Coke in global market). This led to a lot of confusions for the target audience and hence both these brand were perceived in negative lights for creating a dilemma for the target audience. Lastly, over dependency on the celebrities may lead to a dependency on them as well. This implies that if an organization is highly dependent on a celebrity for its sales and branding then it may lead to adverse situation in the future because the celebrity might only be recognized and not…………………..

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