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examine how the Website acts as a rich source of information for automobile buyers

Week 1 eActivity – MKT405002VA016-1164-001

  • Go to Kelley Blue Book’s Website, located at, and examine how the Website acts as a rich source of information for automobile buyers. Think about how Websites such as Kelley Blue Book can empower buyers when dealing with sales professionals.

Thread: Week 1 Discussion 1 – MKT405002VA016-1164-001

  • From KBB, examine how the empowerment of buyers impacts the job of the sales professional both positively and negatively. Determine how the empowerment of buyers helps the buyer to make more informed product decisions.
  • Evaluate the opportunities the information economy has created for improving the contact methods (email, social media, Websites, etc.) that sales professionals use to building relationships with their clients.
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