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    Economic Organization of The Aborigines

    The aborigines kept a nomadic lifestyle, mainly due to their dependence on hunter-gathering (Kerwin, 2012, p. 15). The movement of the people was triggered by the reduction of food resources. The nomadic lifestyle of the Aborigines compelled them to get acquainted with their surrounding lands, and its characteristics, including water holes, plant and animal life and climatic conditions. The knowledge was reflected in the style of kinship, and the roles of different groups. The knowledge of the resources available and the topography of the lands reflected the kinship of the members of society, by drawing from religion.
    The economic organization of the aborigines drew from the legacy of dreaming. The aborigines believed that it endowed different people with the ability and responsibility of controlling the productivity of animals and plants (Kerwin, 2012, p. 12). For example, by using the resources available to them, they believed that they participated in the replenishment of social life and its continuity. The economic system drew from kinship, and it is evident from the fact that senior males held the responsibility of maintaining the resources and lands (Bennett, 2007). Women cared for children, and also participated in the trade, although their nomadic lifestyle limited the development of commerce. The link between dreaming and the economic activity of aborigines was evident from the stories told including themes like the tracks used by ancestral beings, based on the movement of produce and……………………………………………

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