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    Due by Saturday 03/04/2017

    Week 9 eActivity

    ·         Go to the CAST Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Lesson Builder: Model UDL Lesson Plans Website, located at, and examine one (1) of the UDL lesson plans. Be prepared to discuss.

    ·         Watch the video titled, “VoiceThread” (5m 32s). Be prepared to discuss. Video Source: Ivkre8n. (2010, October 30). Conflict Resolution [Video file]. Retrieved from

    Week 9 Other Preparation

    ·         Refer to Table 10.1 in Chapter 10 of the textbook and select one (1) organizational tool. Make note of a low-, mid-, and high-tech method of organization you plan to use in learning environment. Be prepared to discuss.

    Week 9 Discussion 1

    ·                   4

    ·                   5

    “Meeting Individual Needs” Please respond to the following:

    ·         * From the first e-Activity, suggest what you believe the means of representation, expression. and engagement are in the UDL lesson plan that you examined. Specify at least two (2) benefits of using this method of lesson delivery for a K-12 or adult audience.

    ·         From the Other Preparation, provide a rationale for your low-, mid-, and high-tech methods that you plan to use in a learning environment. Suggest two (2) ways in which your plan would change if your students were younger or had special needs.

    Week 9 Discussion 2

    ·                   4

    ·                   5

    “Integrating Technology” Please respond to the following:

    ·         Pretend you are a new instructor of a middle school that has historically performed poorly on the math component of the upcoming state exam. Propose three (3) strategies that you could implement to integrate technology into the classroom that could promote successful learning for all students and potentially raise your school’s ranking. Provide specific examples of the successful use of the proposed strategies in other contexts to support your rationale.

    ·         From the second e-Activity, propose the development of two (2) types of e-Learning activities into which you could incorporate this Web 2.0 tool. Specify the type of activity, grade level, potential student obstacles, and the intended benefits giving obstacles that you are likely to encounter with your intended student population. Provide a rationale for your response.

    Bottom of Form

    Bottom of Form

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