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    I just need a 1-2 page double spaced MLA format reaction to the video “Bag It” by Suzan B. It is DUE TONIGHT BY 11:30!

    My computer wasn’t working all week so I couldn’t post earlier. I am so sorry for the inconveince. 

    REQUIREMENTS: A brief summary of the film, which provides enough information to not only let me know that you watched and paid attention to it, but provides enough information about the film so that someone who hadn’t seen it could make sense of your review; a brief reaction to the film which explains why you liked or didn’t like it, and what you learned from it/what you found most interesting; and an attempt to connect the content of the film to the content of class discussion or course reading.  

    Class discussion to connect it to would be: human health and how it impacts us as well.

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