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    Discussion of health promotion theory and how this has informed the message on your health promotion poster or leaflet.

    1. Rational Paper :
    The purpose of the rationale paper is to explain to your audience the reason why the health issue was chosen, the impact of the health issue on individuals and populations and its prevalence. This will then explain why it is an important area to direct health promotion/public health interventions. The paper will then go on to explore current public health policies in place to address the health issue, your specific chosen population group that you are targeting with your resource and relevant underpinning health promotion theories (e.g….transtheorectical model, Beattie model, Preceed) You will then outline your key design considerations to ensure that the resource is meeting the needs of the target group and any critique of the final resource.

    The rationale paper should not be in an essay format but more in the style of a report. You can use subheadings to aid the organisation of this document. However it is an academic piece and work and we expect it to be fully supported by references.

    Your poster or health promotion leaflet must promote a clear health message addressing a topical health issue.

    In addition you need to provide an accompanying rationale (1500 words) for your health promotion poster or leaflet to include;
    • rationale for choosing health issue, to include the impact on the health of individuals and populations, and relevant public health policy and epidemiological statistics in relation to chosen health issue
    • target audience for the resource and relevance to individuals or groups within your field of nursing

    • the chosen health message and discussion of your choice of design, wording and layout

    • Discussion of health promotion theory and how this has informed the message on your health promotion poster or leaflet.

    • critique of the strengths and limitations of your resource

    Marking scheme:
    See level 7 criteria at back of the module study guide

    – This is a rationale paper for your leaflet and not an essay,

    – Your work must demonstrate sufficient knowledge, understanding and skills appropriate to the level of study.

    – It must address the learning outcomes for this module.

    – You must discuss Health promotion model / theories.

    – Your leaflet must be link to your rationale paper.

    – In an academic work, hence must be properly cited and reference

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