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    Discuss constructive and destructive elements in parenting styles;

    *** Please focus on the topics listed and the attached guidance for this assignment.**


    Pregnancy and Birth: Stages in the Life Cycle

    Using Kolb’s (4) areas of model Learning please address the following subtopics related to Preganacy and Birth: Stages in the Cycle of Life:

    1. Discuss the development of parenting skills

    2. Discuss parental values and attitudes that accompany stages in the development of the child

    3. Analyze methods of effective guidance

    4. Discuss the role of discipline; compare and contrast discipline with punishment

    5. Discuss constructive and destructive elements in parenting styles; identify at least three categories of parenting styles; include an overview of the parenting behaviors associated with each style and the results obtained from each

    6. Discuss the challenges to responsible and effective parenting presented by contemporary societ

    .  . .  

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