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    Discuss the American Indian Movement

    Read Chapters 10,11 and 12 and watch The House We Live in to help with the question.

    Select one of the following movements, your chosen movement should be included in the title of your discussion post:

    Civil Rights Movement

    American Indian Movement

    Women’s Movement

    National Farm Workers Movement/or  Chicano Movement

    Answer the following questions:

    What conditions existed which created the need for this movement

    What did this movement accomplish?

    What was the United States Governments’s response to this movement?

    What is an issue that remains to this day

    Abroad:  How did the United States’ relationship to the world change during the Cold War, and to what extent did this pave the way for the events that we are witnessing in the world today?  Provide at least one specific example of a foreign policy event which took place during the Cold War to support  your postion.

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