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    Discern how culture impacts relations in business.

    Instructional Objectives for this activity:
    Discern how culture impacts relations in business.

    An ongoing cross-culture awareness and debate is whether or not organizational processes are most affected by cultural differences. Deresky (2014) shares that people understand and relate to others only in terms of their own cultural values, which are referred to as “self-references criterion”.

    Please respond to all of the following prompts:

    From your own experiences, or the experiences from someone you know, share an example of self-reference criterion (see p. 77).

    Note:  If you do not have an experience to share, imagine an example where “self-reference criterion” could occur.

    What was the result or outcome from your self-reference criterion example?

    Explain whether a Parochialism or Ethnocentrism attitude was used in your example (see p. 77).

    .  . .  

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