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    Digital Identity Portfolio

    Assignment 2 – Digital Identity Portfolio

    Student Instructions

    Submission InstructionsTo be submitted via Blackboard. Refer to Blackboard for submission instructions
    Value25% of final grade
    Due DateRefer to course timeline posted on Blackboard for specific due date


    Building on our investigations about identity from Module 3, in this assignment you will create a digital photographic portfolio. These photographs will be a digital collection that you bring together to convey something about yourself to your audience. These images will then be shared with your classmates, who will provide an assessment of message(s) they interpret from your collection.


    Learning Outcomes Covered in Assignment
    ·         Examine the impact of social media and digital spaces on the concept and expression of identity.

    ·         Explore the ways the structure and dynamics of networks affect the behaviors of individuals and populations.

    ·         Create a digital identity that is authentic and professional.




    Your task is to curate a collection of images that you feel represent something about you. The objective of this assignment is to practice bringing together digital objects in order to convey a specific meaning or message to your audience.


    Some tips for completing this assignment:

    ·         Try to come up with a narrow or specific message you want to convey to your audience.

    ·         You do not need to create the images yourself. However, if you do use images created by other people the creators must be attributed. Some examples about how to cite this information for a photo can be found here:


    What is to be submitted:

    This is a multi-part assignment. All three components must be completed in order to be eligible to earn full marks on this assignment.


    Part 1: Creating and sharing your portfolio

    In part one, you will select the images that will become your digital identity portfolio. These images will then be posted to the course discussion board (either as a link to a publically-viewable social networking site profile OR as embedded images posted to the course message board).


    Your classmates will see this part of the assignment. If you choose to upload your images to a social networking site, this part of the assignment will also be seen by anyone who has access to this site.


    Step by step instructions for Part 1:

    1.       Pick a message you want to convey about yourself or a topic you feel is important to your identity.

    2.       Select a series of images (minimum 10, maximum 15) that you feel represent this idea.

    3.       Post these images to a picture-focused social media site (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.) OR embed them directly in the thread described in step 4.

    4.       Start a new thread on the “Digital Identity Portfolio” discussion board, housed on INC 300 blackboard. In this thread, you should provide a link to your publically-accessible social networking profile that contains the images for this assignment OR imbed the images directly to the post. The goal here is to allow your classmates to see these images and comment on them in part 3 of the assignment.


    Part 2: Rational and motivation for your image selections

    In part two, you will include each of these images in a Word document and provide an explanation about why you selected each image. Be sure to include attributions (give credit to the image’s creator) for each image in your collection (where you took the image from, who took the image, etc.) This part of the assignment will only be seen by the instructor.

    1.       Write a 2 to 3 sentence rationale for your selection of each image. Explain why you selected it and your intended message for the image.

    2.       Include attribution for each image (where you found the image, who took the image, etc.) following these guidelines

    3.       Finally, write a short (300 words max!) reflection, summarizing the overall message or idea you were hoping to convey with these images.


    Part 3: Peer critique

    In part three, you will provide commentary on at least five other student’s digital identity portfolios.  This part of the assignment will be seen by your classmates.

    1.       Comment on the pictures posted by a classmate. In this comment you should summarize the overall idea or message you can interpret from the photos.

    2.       This comment should be at least 2-3 sentences long and provide specific examples from the photos to explain why you have reached this particular conclusion.

    3.       These comments should be respectful (no sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.).  Disrespectful and/or bullying comments will result in a grade of zero for this portion of the assignment.


    Please see the Rubric on the next page for Evaluation Criteria.


    Each part of the assignment has a different submission procedure. Please follow the directions below to ensure the proper procedure is followed.


    Part 1:

    Your completed online portfolio can be compiled on a social networking site of your choosing OR as embedded images on a post on the course Blackboard. If you choose to compile the images on a social networking site, your profile must be publically assessable so the instructor can view and confirm the images have been posted. Your classmates must also be able to access these photos so they can complete part 3 of this assignment.


    Each student must start their own new thread on the “Digital Identity Portfolio” discussion board, housed on INC 300 blackboard. This thread must contain a link to the accessible social networking site OR the images directly.


    Part 2:

    The second part of this assignment will be submitted as a word document or PDF through the course blackboard.


    Part 3:

    Before the deadline stated on Blackboard, comment on at least five of your classmate’s posts using the criteria provided above. These comments should be publically available on the message board rather than being sent as a private message.


    Plagiarized assignments will receive a mark of zero on the assignment and a failing grade on the course you may also receive a permanent note of plagiarism on your academic record. Please note: even you use work you previously wrote yourself, it is still considered plagiarism if you do not cite it properly in your paper.


    Assignment Rubric – Part 1 (5% of overall grade)


    Images: Required number of images are included in the portfolio (minimum 10, maximum 15)75
    Posting to course discussion board: Creates parent post with link to online portfolio hosted on a social networking site OR properly embeds images to parent post. Images must be accessible and viewable to instructor and other students registered in the course.25


    Assignment Rubric – Part 2 (15% of overall grade)


    Explanations for image selection: 2-3 sentence rationale explaining why this image was included in the portfolio. This rationale should be clear and easy to follow. An explanation must be provided for EACH image in the portfolio.40
    Image attribution: Proper credit is given for each photo/image included in the portfolio.20
    Summary Paragraph: Clearly summarizes the overall idea/argument you were hoping to convey to your audience. This paragraph should be clear, easy to follow, and no longer than 300 words.25
    Style: Proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraph structure used throughout entire document.15  


    Assignment Rubric – Part 3 (5% of overall grade)


    Provides commentary on five classmates’ Identity portfolios. Commentary is descriptive and thoughtful. This commentary should include what you think your classmate’s intended message is, providing specific examples from the images about how you reach this conclusion.20 x 5




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