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    Design Management of Solid Waste

    Design Management of Solid Waste.

    A lot of designs are geared towards the management of solid waste to ensure their safety and sustainability. Different approaches practiced include recycling for reuse, incineration and use of landfills among others.  According to Jeni Braxton, the environmental strain can be lessened by minimized use of new products unless the existing ones get fully and maximally utilized. Continuous recycling fully utilizes old plastics, metal scrap, and polyethylene bags into new ones.

    Landfill broadly used in waste management involves layering of the waste into abandoned quarries and mining fields. Compressed thin spreads of the waste are covered using earth material. The earth covers minimize the extent of air pollution. Incineration used as a method of disposal involves burning off the waste materials in the open or furnaces. This method compared to landfills uses a little space for an enormous amount of waste.

    Strategy Frameworks on Waste Management

    In consideration of the rising levels of waste materials legislation is imposed on recovery of the domestic waste and instituting recycling industries on short-term tenancy lands. Also, Building of Eco Park around the industries and use of new technology in recycling the waste is imperative.  Community participation and awareness programs also form part of the strategy for ensuring complete recovery (Patrik, 2013). Licensing imposed…………..

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