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    Describe your dream technology, with consideration for patient care and safety.


    1.. Explore some of the rationale behind the move toward more of a technologically based learning experience in nursing education and in healthcare overall. What are the benefits to this? How about patient education in the hospital setting? As student nurses in school in 2015, you are exposed to so much technology, not only in the hospital, but in the school and educational process as well. Take online education for example. This was unheard of probably 10-15 years ago, now it is everywhere! What about healthcare overall? Think back to your childhood and having doctor’s office visits. How do they compare with technology now? Let’s talk about some examples of how technology helps us in the education process, whether we are patients or nursing students or any other examples you can come up with!

    2.. What technology do you find most beneficial to use in your work or school setting? Least beneficial? Why do you find this tool useful or not? Then, using your imagination, look to the future and think about how this tool could be enhanced even further. Describe your dream technology, with consideration for patient care and safety.

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