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    Describe the benefits or disadvantages of learning outside the classroom.

    Please, complete your reflection and post to this discussion board by “creating a thread.” Your submission should be approximately 750 words.

    Consider your time with David McCarey at the Military Communication and Electronics Museum. Tell me about:

    – What information or details did you take away with you from the visit? (Tell me what were the key things that you took away from this session).

    – In what ways did this information expand your understanding of at least one of the following areas? communication technology, WWI, Vimy, trench warfare, other?

    – Describe the benefits or disadvantages of learning outside the classroom. That is, do you feel it was a worthwhile fieldtrip? Tell me why or why not?

    It was a trip .. and i couldn’t attend, but here is a Youtube link that might help.

    and also another link that has some information.

    .  . .  

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