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How is defamation defined in your state?

When working in communications and media, it is important to find a balance between the protection of individual rights and freedoms to access and report information. “To deal with the tension between the possibility of defaming individuals and the importance of reporting the news and information in a timely manner, courts have developed a number of defenses which [are] often called ‘privileges’ by lawyers” (“Defamation Privileges and Defenses, para.3).

Review these privileges and defenses at Defamation Privileges and Defenses: Then research how these privileges and defenses are applied in your state. (Defamation laws by state are easily searched via Google, but two resources to get you started include Colorado Defamation Laws: State Law: Defamation:

Answer the following questions:

  • How is defamation defined in your state?
  • What privileges and defenses are recognized in your state?
  • How do these privileges and defenses impact freedom in society and the rights and duties of media professionals?
  • Is there an additional burden of responsibility for Christians in communications professions? Explain you answer.
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