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    Criminal Justice homework…..,law tutor preffered……half page single space……

    Due in 3 hours…….half page single spaced minimum


    Terrorism, foreign and domestic, is a reality in our world today. Persons who are psychologically, socially, and emotionally impaired will blindly obey the orders of perverse ideologues who’s goal is to impose their will and world view on everyone else. 

    How do the people of a free society deal with the threats? In order for the government to protect us we must be willing to give up some freedoms, but in order to have freedoms we must be willing to give up some protections. Recent domestic and international events tell us conclusively that Al-Queda and ISIL, as well as other similar organizations are active and it is only a matter of time before they strike again in the U.S. 

    Do the following:

    Please answer the following: Where should the lines be drawn? Who should draw those lines? What is the proper balance between freedom and protection, and how should that balance be achieved? What limits should be placed on the government with respect to gathering intelligence on citizens and foreign nationals? 

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