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    Chapter 8 

    1. Must there be an immediate possibility of criminal activity to justify a stop, or would a possibility of criminal activity at some time in the future suffice? What about when an officer has reasonable suspicion of criminal activity as to a past crime?
    2.  Assuming that a law enforcement officer reasonable believes that a suspect is dangerous and may gain immediate control of weapons from an automobile, how extensive a protective search of the automobile may be made? May the officer look into suitcases and other containers in the passenger compartment? In the trunk?

    Chapter 9 

    1.  If a person is deprived of freedom of action in a significant way by a law enforcement officer, is it necessary for that person to be given warnings of the right to refuse consent before being asked for consent to search? Explain.
    2. Can the following persons give a valid consent to search?
      • A highly intoxicated person
      • A five-year-old, a seven-year-old, or a ten-year-old child
      •  A mentally retarded or senile person
      • An emotionally upset person
      • An uneducated person
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