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General Directions:
Course Project Research Paper and Presentation – students will choose a CARDIOPULMONARY related topic for research from one of the following areas:
• Ventilation and oxygenation: Permissive hypoxemia, Obesity, etc.
• Pathophysiology and disease management: VAE, Ebola virus disease, Middle East respiratory syndrome, Enterovirus D68, etc.
• Technology and diagnostics: NAVA, ECMO, Capnometry, Alarm safety, Ventilator modal taxonomy, etc.
• Pharmacology: E cigarettes, Hookah, Inhaled cannabis, Vaccinations, Etc.

Specific Directions:
A. Course Project Research Paper (150 points) must include:
• APA format (title page, double spacing, 1 inch margins, in-text citations, list of references, and an appendix for graphs, tables, etc., not in APA format)
• 7-10 pages of discussion (1500-2000 words)
• Final Research Project Paper will be submitted following the presentation
o Title page
o Abstract (50 words)
o Introduction (50 words)
o Research Questions (1-3questions to answer Hypothesis)
o Hypotheses (1 null, and 1-2 alternative)
o Discussion (1500-2000 words)
? In-text citations for each reference listed
o Summary
o List of references (3-5 articles, peer reviewed, published in recent 5 years)
o Appendix for all images, tables, graphs, etc.

B. Presentation (100 points)
• Course project research paper will be summarized in presentation format and must be done with the following criteria:
o 10-15 PowerPoint slides, or other audio visual tools can to be used
o Presenter(s) have 10 -minutes to present research topic and 5 minutes for Q&A following.

with 5 slides – PPT

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