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Globalization is one of the most cited catchwords of our time and is used to describe a process of social change at the macro level of societies. Today, many social and economic phenomena such as peace, migration, terrorism, employment, technological developments, environmental risks, distribution of income and welfare, and social cohesion are affected by the process of globalization.


By drawing on academic theories, research evidence and practice-based examples; discuss the impact of globalization on CSR.



Academic theories, research evidence and practice-based examples must be used. I will upload 7 readings/journals. All 7 must be used in the essay as evidence and examples. An additional 5 academic sources must be used for a total of 12 sources. All 12 must be used in the essay and given examples/information/details from them.



The main learning outcomes of the coursework are:


  • To develop skills in critical analysis and evaluation of CSR theories, concepts and issues in the academic literature
  • To develop research skills
  • To develop a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of key aspects of CSR.
  • To develop skills in critical analysis and evaluation of corporate social and environmental issues
  • To develop the ability to construct an argument
  • The essay will give students the opportunity to deepen their writing and research skills to explore the area of CSR. It is expected that students show in their essays that they read and are engaged with the relevant literature discussed in academic books and academic journals. In addition, students are expected to draw on practical examples to argue their case. If your essay shows signs of plagiarism, a disciplinary procedure will be started. Please consult the College policy on Plagiarism and citing references.
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