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    Climate Change Improvement

    Strategy Frameworks on Waste Management

    In consideration of the rising levels of waste materials legislation is imposed on recovery of the domestic waste and instituting recycling industries on short-term tenancy lands. Also, Building of Eco Park around the industries and use of new technology in recycling the waste is imperative.  Community participation and awareness programs also form part of the strategy for ensuring complete recovery (Patrik, 2013). Licensing imposed on industries that pollute the environment aims at regulating industries with high records of pollution. While all strategies are geared towards ensuring waste reduction, more top priority is accorded to integrated waste management facilities with stringent standards of emission to minimize impact on the environment.

    Climate Change Improvement

    Human activity results in increasing the levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) concentration in the atmosphere that impair the Ozone layer leading to global warming and consequent changes in the climate. While the cause of CO emission is underestimated, it is necessary to minimize the effects so as to have an emission free atmosphere (Coll J. Revesz,Howard, Arrow, Goulder, Kopp, Livermore, Sterner 2014). The practical strategies put in place include the use of alternative fossil fuels with low GHG emissions, improving the efficiency of existing fuel and treatment of biodegradable carbon…………………

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