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Chrysler and BMW: Tritec Engine Joint Venture

Chrysler and BMW: Tritec Engine Joint Venture


Students – You have been assigned a group for this case study.  You will create and upload into this assignment a group presentation for the case study: Chrysler and BMW: Tritec Engine Joint Venture.


The group presentation static presentation containing NOTES which explain (in detail) each slide.


The slides in your presentation must contain (at a minimum) the following:


* Cover page including team member names


* Table of contents


* Summary of the case study


* Slide for each of the questions


* Reference slide


The notes for each slide (including the cover page, table of contents and reference page) must contain the name of the team member who has developed the discussion.


The case study will be graded on:


* adherence to the minimum requirements and timeline


* how thoroughly the questions were answered


* The level of response to the questions (master’s level content)


* Presentation free of grammatical and spelling errors – please review all slides


* The grade will be based on two parts – your contribution as an individual and the overall team presentation in terms of flow of the presentation and the team slide.


The questions for this case study are:



  1. Leveraging our discussions on leadership and project managers, what does Jack Smith bring to the joint venture (both positively or negatively? If you were in his shoes how would you convince the joint venture you were the right person? What tools/resources would you make sure you had/leverage to be successful?  Explore/discuss your answers – do not just state them.



  1. Respond to this question: What would you have done differently and why? This can be related to methodology, organizational structure, and/or the PM.
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