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    Chinese P2P lending market

    This chapter provides an outline of the research methodology adopted and the data collection approach adopted for the research on the risks encountered in the Chinese P2P lending market. The research study featured the exploration of both qualitative and quantitative data, using the approaches that can yield the required information. The responses needed for the study were drawn from the responses provided by government, P2P lenders, and the P2P customers operating in the Chinese P2P market. It explains the research design and research approach employed; research strategy, data collection techniques and data analysis technique.


    3.2 Research design

    This study preferred a descriptive design. From the name, this research design deals with explanation of the features of the study elements and its impacts. The research design is deemed appropriate in this context as its objective is to offer organised accounts of the research variables that are associated with high precision. In addition, descriptive design covers explanation of the characteristics of an individual after gathering data by use of questionnaires (Kazdin 2011, p.45). Doz (2011, p.583)  adds that the main rationale for preferring descriptive design to other design is because of the high level of accuracy associated with it which enables the researcher to obtain the intended results. Furthermore, descriptive research design is suitable because of its associated merits. Firstly, it is time saving which means that it provides quick description of features of the research elements. Secondly,………………………………………

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