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Chalie Gard Case Analysis

Chalie Gard Case Analysis


Please analyze/support that it was appropriate for Great Ormond Street Hospital to override the decision of Charlie’s parents to attempt the experimental therapy for their son. Support your arguments by applying “BEST INTEREST MODEL” of overriding parental decision-making in pediatrics.


CASE: Over the past eighteen months, the complex saga surrounding Charlie Gard was discussed in great detail in the lay press and on social media, as well as in the general medical and bioethics literature. Charlie was born in August 2016 and diagnosed soon thereafter with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS), a rare genetic disorder that causes progressive brain damage and muscle failure. With no known effective treatment, MDDS typically causes death in infancy.

The complex story ultimately ended with Charlie’s death in late July 2017. There were many ethical complexities to the Charlie Gard case, but one particularly challenging issue related to the decision-making authority of Charlie’s parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard. With limited options, Charlie’s parents wished to try an experimental treatment for Charlie that was proposed by a neurologist at Columbia University, Michio Hirano. They raised funds to support his transfer to New York. Ultimately, Great Ormond Street Hospital (supported by the UK High Court) refused to allow Charlie to be transferred, overriding his parents’ request.


References: 10 sources/references with footnotes in APA format with citation page.


NOTE: “BEST INTEREST” standard in pediatrics

1. Best interests – “acting so as to promote maximally the good of the individual”

2. But parental failure to choose the treatment that is “best” is not the threshold – Choice of harmful/unreasonable option(s)

3. Courts should apply standard of what is “in the child’s best interest” in determining what to do with the child.


Make sure you place footnotes on each page and I need the reference


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