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What were the causes of the French and Indian War?

Discussion Question #1: What were the causes of the French and Indian War?  What were the advantages and disadvantages possessed by both the English and the French?

Discussion Question #2: What was the American response to the Stamp Act? Was it justified?



                                                            CLASSMATE’S POST

#1. The French and Indian War was started because of rival claims of land to the west (Ohio area today). The advantages that the English had were they had the financial support and soldiers to continue the war without submission. The disadvantages that he English had were that they did not have the support or alliance with the stronger Native American Tribes. The advantages that the French had was their alliance with Native Americans which helped them be able to fight as long as they did. The disadvantages that the French had was they did not have any support outside of the settlers in America and their numbers were not enough to sustain the war over time.

#2. The Americans response to the Stamp Act was with disdain. The Stamp Act was an internal tax on every type of printed paper used or purchased. This taxation was imposed by the British government to the colonizers in America to help with the debt that the French and Indian War caused the British government. It initiated the first major protest “taxation without representation.”  They felt the Parliament was operating in tyranny and they didn’t have any representation in the House of Commons to vote against the tax, in which they felt deprived of their inherent right. I feel that it was justified. They should have some representation for the colonizers in America.

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