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    Case study for Webhair

    Executive Summary

    Globalisation of firms yields a lot of benefits to the firms in terms of increased profitability. Before a firm makes a decision to go global, it is essential that it creates markets market value. Then develop a strategy that guarantees the firm a successful entry to the global market. In this regard, this research focused on how new and small firms can successfully enter the global market. To achieve this goal, the researcher investigated ways in which firms could create value in the market, ways in which Entrepreneur develop strategies to engage with a global market, ways in which the entrepreneur develop and enter into global markets and ways in which the entrepreneur enterprise engage with clients and customers in global markets. The research respondents consisted of entrepreneurs and top officials in eight firms with intentions to enter into different markets and those whose firms had already entered the new market. The data collection technique was the use of interviews. After examination of data collected, the findings were as follows; value creation can be done through taking part in corporate social responsibility, offering slightly differentiated products in the market, use of the good brand name and offering high-quality products in the market. Also, engaging in products that intended to fill the existing market niche and selling products at a relatively lower price. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs could use the following strategy to enter the global market brand name strategy and transfer overhead synergies to the customers in terms of lower prices. Also, the entrepreneurs can narrow down by providing products that have a market niche in the new country. It was also established that the entrepreneur enterprise engaged with the customers through product promotion, online advertisement and direct contact with the customers among others. Finally, the research also provided the recommendations that could be followed by Webhair management to achieve a successful entry into the global market……………………………..

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