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    Caring for Elderly Patients

    Care for the elderly has shown the distinctness and define the identity of different cultural background. Variability of cultures also corresponds to variation in perceptions and beliefs that appertain to the social and health issue in the societies. There are cultures like the Chinese, Native Hawaiian, Japanese, whites, and Native Americans amongst others that exhibit their uniqueness (Touhy & Jett, 2013). To be explicit, the paper reiterates on the culture of the Native Americans who have special considerations to elderly care and the overall health and social care provisions. Preliminarily, Native Americans are the indigenous inhabitants of the United States that still preserve their traditions and beliefs concerning the elderly care provision. Notable, their culture-related health concerns is evident across the ages, gender, and age (Lopata & Levy, 2003).

    Health Disparities Anticipated in Native America Culture

    Native Americans have shown some health care disparities from the contemporary practices by sticking to the culture-oriented health care delivery services. Despite the appropriation of health fund from the Congress to Native Americans, the public health indicator shows that the group continues to experience disproportional suffering from many diseases and illness (Lopata & Levy, 2003). Particularly, various health issues such as mental disorders, diabetes, pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, influenza, tuberculosis are still rampant in the Native America (Touhy & Jett, 2013). Also, the common elderly problems such as ear loss, hearing impairments, injuries, and dementia are more widespread within the gro………………….

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