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    Calculating the overall annual electricity energy saving

    Energy Management for Sustainability
    (Show all workings)
    1. Estimate the cost of the electricity used (at $0.3/kWh) for one month (January) for each of the
    a) Ten 100-W bulbs for 6 hours per day
    b) Colour TV set for 5 hours per day
    c) Night-light of 1 W left on continuously
    2. What are the benefits of using energy efficient lighting? (100 words)
    3. The facility Manager want to replace 34 W F40T12 lamps with 10 W LED lamps in 200 4-lamp
    fixtures which are operated for 3128 hours /year in an air conditioned facility. Assume F40T12 34-
    watt costs $2 each and lasts 20,000 h, while 10 W LED costs $12 each and lasts about 30000 h.
    Electric energy cost is $ 0.3 per kWh. The demand charge is $6 per KVA/month. Air-conditioner runs
    one third of the lamp annual operating time. The EER (Energy Efficiency ratio) of the air conditioner
    is 3. EER in this context is the ratio of cooling output (kW) to the electric power input to the air
    conditioner (kW).
    a) The annual cooling energy saving on the air-conditioner load (in kWh)
    b) The overall annual electricity energy saving, which can be achieved (in kWh)
    c) The payback period of this energy saving opportunity investment
    Use the following Assumptions
     All the light energy of both lamps will be converted into heat energy and instantly added to
    the cooling load.
     Power factor of all the equipment is one
     AC runs for 12 months for purpose of cooling.
     The lights operate for 12 months but do not operate continuously for 24hrs/Day.
     The overhead costs, such as labour cost for replacement is not included. Assume any
    replacement cost per each fixture.
     The BF (Ballast factor) for both Florescent and LED bulbs equal 1.25.
    4. Discuss what tri-generation is and how energy recovery is used in this technology to improve
    energy efficiency. (200 words)
    5. What are heat pumps? What makes them an efficient

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