Simple steps for writing an Analytical essay with a sample

What is an analytical essay? An analytical essay is a type of writing concerned with providing an analysis of a topic, argument, movie, book, or article. It focuses on analyzing the style of writing and why the author chose the type of writing. As such, it analyzes the style of the writing, the theme as well as the intentions of the author.  It aims at…

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How to Write an Article Review: Step-by-step Guide

An article review is a type of writing that involves assessing and giving a summary of an article. It requires in-depth analysis and evaluation of the theme and the supporting arguments. It is a constructive and critical review of literature through summary, analysis, comparison, and classification. The critical review aspect is concerned with a detailed review of an article or a book while the literature…

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How to Write a compelling Research Paper with a Sample

Research paper writing is an essential part of your academics, especially for college students. On one hand, it can be a very daunting task due to anxiety and lack of preparedness. On the other hand, writing research can be the most rewarding experience with adequate preparedness. Writing a compelling research paper often requires that the student determines a broad research area based on the course….

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