Best Business Questions, Topic ideas and Sample Solutions

Some of the most important aspects of education include resolving questions, doing presentations and writing research papers. Resolving questions enables students to evaluate their understanding of a subject or a topic in class. Moreover, questions help expand the understanding of a student about a topic. They explore various areas in a topic including those that may not have been covered in class. Participating in presentations, on the other hand, helps sharpen the presentation skills of the student. A considerable part of work in the job market involves making presentations about projects or new strategies aimed at improving performance of an organization. The student also needs outstanding presentation skills to clearly communicate ideas and opinions to the instructors and bosses at work. Similarly, writing research papers is key to sharpening the research skills of the students as well as expanding their knowledge in the field. It allows students to apply what was learned to solve problems and develop new ideas.

When writing a business paper be it a coursework, research paper or an essay the choice of a topic is key to not only engage your audience but also obtain quality and relevant information. Business is a wide field with many papers and large databases of articles addressing different topics. While this makes it easier to find relevant resources for your paper, it does not make it easy to select a unique and interesting topic for your paper. Your aim as a researcher is to present new ideas that are credible and address current issues. Selecting a good topic in business requires extensive and consistent research in the field of study. 

One of the best strategies for selecting a good business topic is to brainstorm ideas by asking the right questions. News and articles about business, economics, or finance also act as a good source for topics. Once you brainstorm, make a list of possible keywords and concepts related to the specific area of study. Narrow down the list to focus on the specific topic in business. Third, conduct research on the selected keyword or concept to obtain key background information. Finally, start collecting relevant information and organize them in a way that establishes a logical flow for the paper.

Questions and sample solutions on business analysis of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

Dr Pepper Snapple Group was a soft drink company based in Plano, Texas, United before it became a business unit of Keurig Dr Pepper in 2018. The following questions explore Dr Pepper Snapple group’s business in relation to its consumer purchasing power,  their purchase preferences, its target market and market segmentation.

  1. How does family and personal influences affect the purchasing power of a consumer?
  2. Explain how personal preferences and marketing operations affect the purchasing behavior of a consumer in relation to Dr. Peppers Snapple Group.
  3. What role does consumer decision-making play in classification of consumers at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group?
  4. Describe the process consumer decision-making in relation to Dr. Pepper Snapple
  5. Describe market segmentation for Dt. Pepper Snapple Group
  6. What is Dr. Pepper Snapple Group target market strategy?

Questions and sample answers on globalization of firms

In the past, there was a common perception that multinational corporation denoted the state of the company being large as opined by Nocke and Yeaple (2014). However, Baffour Awuah and Amal (2011) argued that this perception has faded with time. This is because of the fact that in the contemporary business sector the aspect of a firm going global is independent of its size. Today the international market is an arena for small as well as little firms in a similar manner it is for the established companies. Perhaps, this laudable progress in business arena stems from fair accessibility to technology, the internet, enhanced interdependence in the global economy as well as increased awareness on carrying out global business. In addition, Gilpin (2011) underscored that the above-listed factors have resulted in rising number of small firms taking part in the international trade. Going global is associated with a lot of risks to business enterprises notably the high likelihood of experiencing potential spoilers including the language barrier, unfamiliar business platform, new partners as well as political instability among others. Despite the risks, Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson (2012) underpinned that expanding firms’ operations overseas creates a good platform where little firms can increase their profitability. Thus, contrary to the past, the opportunity to enter the global market is equal and it is a choice for any particular organization to engage in international business. However, other companies consider engaging in international trade as primary to their survival (Nocke and Yeaple., 2014). This viewpoint holds due to increasing level of competition in the corporate sector. Thus, a default in taking part in the global market is likened to subjecting the firms to serial losses. Overall, for small companies to perform well in the twenty first century, it is essential that they engage in global operations. On this premise, the following questions explore possible areas of discussion in regards to globalization of firms.

  1. Explain U-model as a theory of globalization of firms
  2. Discuss the I-Model theory for entering global markets
  3. Discuss how network theory is applied in globalization
  4. Identify and explain the factors involved in globalization of firms
  5. Discus how entrepreneurs have used technology for value creation to achieve globalization
  6. How has the internet influenced globalization of firms?
  7. How does taking part in CSR contribute to its value creation in pursuing globalization?
  8. Discuss firm value creation in terms of product differentiation, affordability and good brand name and how they all contribute to globalization
  9. Discuss the process of strategy development in globalization of a firm
  10. What is the importance of developing a strategy for globalization to a firm?
  11. Discuss how entrepreneur enterprises can engage customers in the global markets
  12. Describe the competitive patterns or strategies firms should adopt when going global

Questions and sample answers about UPS management and business process

UPS is a supply chain management and shipping and receiving company founded in 1907. The company which is the largest courier worldwide by revenue is known for shipping services and provision of tools to small business. The main business of the company is time-definite delivery of packages and documents across the world. It services for consumers include: UPS Ground for day-definite delivery; UP 3-day select for less-sensitive express shipments and UPS 2nd day Air for packages of 2 days delivery among others. The questions below explores UPS supply chain and its services to the consumers.

  1. Describe the UPS supply chain
  2. Identify and describe the primary suppliers of the UPS
  3. Outline the UPS supplier partnerships
  4. Identify the primary customers of UPS
  5. Describe how UPS has employed market segmentation
  6. What are the key logistic companies involved with UPS?
  7. How has UPS utilized warehousing in its products and services?
  8. How does UPS manage its internal supply chain?

Questions and sample answers on operations management at Caterpillar Company

The advancements in technology have enhanced the efficiency of the operations of various companies in the globe. Moreover, globalisation has steered the growth of multinational corporations. On that note, numerous companies have resorted to pursuing internationalization to pursue their expansion agenda. As well, they have embraced efficient and effective realignment of their supply chain network to facilitate the smooth flow of goods, services, and information. Similarly, firms have decided to restructure their operations to ensure that they gain a competitive advantage over their peers. The following questions and sample answers explore operations management at Caterpillar company:

1 Describe role of top management in relation to Caterpillar company

2 Describe operations management in relation to caterpillar

3 What is the function of support management in Caterpillar company?

4 Formulate operations strategy for resource requirements and marketing functions for Caterpillar

5 Describe managerial skills and competencies for Caterpillar

6 Propose operation function and the optimum Layout function for Caterpillar company

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