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    Benefits of using Food Safety Management Systems

    In light of the suggestions from Wallace, Sperber, and Mortimore (2011, p. 13), the benefits of FSMS can only be fully appreciated if the acclaimed HACCP is effectively implemented. As mentioned, the implementation of HACCP principles in different contexts requires prerequisite programs (PRPs) such as training. In relation to the authors’ pronouncements, effective implementation involves well-designed and broad-based food safety programmes. Similarly, Lesley (2013, p. 126) advocated for FSMS since it helps businesses to identify their challenges pertaining to food safely and make appropriate decisions on prevention mechanisms. Significantly, the worldwide growth in conceptualisation and operationalisation of FSMS is based on the rising cases of foodborne diseases and their lethal consequences. Conversely, firms and organizations that internalize FSMS and HACCP system overshadow their counterparts since the former addressed the consumer and legal demands. Moreover, FSMS necessitate businesses and other food service providers to initiate education and training programs to their directors, managers, and down to the employees. As such, the stakeholders gain the commendable skills and techniques for both personal and communal progression (Panisello and Quantick 2001, p. 166). Personnel development is key even in the care homes; for example, Froggatt Davies & Meyer (2009, p. 25) made a supposition for embracing person-centred care that integrates the managers, staff, and residents of care homes.

    Notably, effective implementation of FSMS and HACCP elicit many benefits that can be categorized into three many aspects. First, it results in proper public health protection that should be the immediate priority of any food industry (Wallace, Sperber, & Mortimore 2011, p. 12). According to a study, when compan……

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