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Assignment for Electrical Fundamentals


Assignment for Electrical Fundamentals


Assessment Task: 2800 Words


1.    Explain the concepts of Ferromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic in relation to materials.  Give an example of each type of material and where the properties of each could be utilised.                                      (30 marks)


2.    Describe the construction of an aircraft Lithium ion battery including how the chemical process is achieved to give its output. Explain the benefits and drawbacks of Li-ion batteries in comparison to Ni-Cad and Lead Acid batteries.                                                                                      (30 marks)


3.    Give a description of an inductor and explain the effect it has on an AC supply. You should include a graphical element to your explanation.  Give an example of where and how an inductor would be used in an electrical circuit.                                                                                          (30 marks)


4.    Quality of assignment, referencing, diagrams, grammar.            (10 marks)


Learning Outcomes to be assessed


1.    To demonstrate a knowledge of the principles and concepts of Electrical Fundamentals


2.    To demonstrate a knowledge of the principles and concepts of electrical components and machines, both AC and DC, and their application to aircraft engineering




Main Body of your Assignment


  • Introduction
  • Main body of work
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List
  • Bibliography
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