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    Assess business strategies from various industries

    Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

    • Evaluate dimensions of quality in healthcare
    • Assess business strategies from various industries

    Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

    HA540-1: Evaluate business strategies for quality management and continuous improvement of operations.


    In this Assignment, you will be evaluating dimensions of quality in healthcare and how various industries can apply these concepts to improve operations. Using the resources available to you, research the priorities in the current publication of the National Quality Strategy.


    • Select and discuss one (1) priority that is the most important to healthcare today.
    • Discuss how an industry, other than healthcare, can use your aforementioned strategy to improve operations.
    • Report your findings with a 3-4 page fact sheet for the general community.
    • The use of first person is permitted for this Assignment. APA formatting (e.g., title page, conclusion, font size, etc.) should not be used if you choose to complete the memorandum, infographic, PSA, or newscast.
    • Although the use of APA formatting is not required for this Assignment, proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and an APA formatted reference list of sources are expected.


    This assignment is worth 250 points!

    Please follow all instructions.

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