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    Ashford MGT330 Week 2 quiz (Score 100%)


    1. Question : All of the following organizations would be very likely to use an organic organizational structure EXCEPT

    Blank Walls, an advertising agency

    Wonderlight, a manufacturing plant

    Smith &Gerot, a management consulting firm

    Rough Draft, a graphic design group

    Question 2. Question : At which of Alfred Chandler’s four stages of structural development does high product demand cause a crisis for a company?

    Stage 1

    Stage 2

    Stage 3

    Stage 4

    Question 3. Question : Authority consists of which two key components?

    the right to act and permission to direct

    the right to direct and permission to act

    the right to decide and permission to repair

    the right to repair and permission to decide

    Question 4. Question : During the job design phase, who decides specific job tasks?

    share holders




    Question 5. Question : The organizing function includes all of the following activities EXCEPT

    job design




    Question 6. Question : A manager’s span of control refers to

    how many subordinates she oversees

    what departments she supervises

    what expertise she brings to her position

    how long she has held her current position

    Question 7. Question : The most common form of departmentalization is by _______________.



    geographic region


    Question 8. Question : Management theorist Henry Mintzberg outlined five common parts of an organization’s structural configuration: the operating core, the strategic apex, the middle line, ____________________, and _____________________.

    support staff; subordinate workers

    design analysts; technostructure

    top-level managers; subordinate workers

    technostructure; support staff

    Question 9. Question : At which of Alfred Chandler’s four stages of structural development does product diversification occur?

    Stage 1

    Stage 2

    Stage 3

    Stage 4

    Question 10. Question : Brenda is an electrician with Bright Light Home and Business. Into which category of job does she best fit?

    semiskilled blue collar

    skilled blue collar



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