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    Analysis of President Ronald Reagan’s Speech

    Proliferation of Evil Empire- The overall speech was to inform the audience of the proliferating extents of the dark empire. He mentioned that the modern world is associated with moral inferiority and embracement of evil pride, unfounded demand for civil war, and dark totalitarian powers (Busch, 2001). Other aspects of evils he mentioned were immoral sexual activities, pornography, use of hard drugs, and abortion cases among the youths and parental intolerance to the operations that help their children (Reagan, 2002). Additionally, he reiterated the need for equal rights and disputed disunity or marginalization of the minority groups.


    1. What is the speech’s thesis or main point?

    For America to be great and good in the face of the whole world, all the citizens should respect the rule of law that is guided by the fear of God. Ideally, he meant that respect of God’s doctrines brings both political and social superiority where the people shun the evil ways and renew morality and righteousness (Reagan, 2002). Politically, he stressed the need to uphold universal rights and freedoms that do not discriminate others.

    1. What in the speech, if anything, suggests the speaker (or his speech writers) had analyzed the audience and adapted the speech to its needs?

    Low tone, the president was aware…………………………

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