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    American Overemphasis on Harm of Illegal Drugs

    America has over a long time exhibited paradoxical arguments concerning the use of illegal drugs. Drug policy and prohibition debates have elicited considerable controversies and inconsistencies due to lack of conclusiveness. Notably, drug use in America has fetched both the antagonistic aspects of proponents and opponents, which obviously shows inadequacy in the development of arguments on illegal drug use and its effects. This paper uses three examples of drugs; alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine to elucidate how the American policy makers and social debaters have overstated the harms of using the drugs while not critically analysing the harmful effects. Therefore, the document agrees with the argument that the Americans have overemphasized the harmful effects using opinion-oriented basis rather than evaluating the broad-based framework of the actual effects.

    Undoubtedly, the drug debate on the use of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine has often proceeded without proper scrutiny of the particular reasons for considering the issues. In essence, the plausible consideration that drives the argument against illegal drug use is always the interest groups or audiences instead of the actual effects. For example, the use of caffeine stimulates mixed reactions as the legal entities oppose its use while understating the real harmful effects. In fact, some support caffeine use since it is an antioxidant, mild stimulants, improves alertness, prevents Parkinson’s disease, and relieve headaches amongst others. The regulations stand against caffeine use despite the multiple caffeinated beverages in America. As hinted, the reg……………….

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