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    Aligning the brand personality with the celebrity

    Brand personality is a broad concept that includes the tangible and intangible traits of a brand (Baker, 2000). For instance, values, features, interests, and heritage etc. It describes a brand in terms of human characteristics.  Brand Personality is a component that differentiates one brand from the other. It is the total of intangible assets of the brand. It is the representative aspect of brand (Azad, 2011). For instance, Harley Davidson motorcycle is mostly seen as a bike for freedom-seeking and macho person. Every organization should seek to create its own personality amongst the target audiences that can assist it to become more effective and generate a competitive advantage as well (Fill, 2002). However, at the time of signing a celebrity for the brand endorsement, the organization needs to align the personality of the brand and the celebrity. This is because a mismatch in both these aspects can lead to a confused positioning for the target audiences (Ellwood, 2002). For instance, Nike is considered as a sporty youth brand but if the organization hires an old classic singer as their brand ambassador then the same might not suit their personality and image (Mooij, 2003). The target audience might not be able to relate the celebrity and his values with the brand essence and hence the entire positioning might go in the wrong direction. However, if Nike takes a renowned sports player such as a soccer player then the personality of the brand and the celebrity can be aligned because the people see the soccer players also as the youth icons sporty peopl………………

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